Garou Society

So the big change to how Werewolf is normally run is the setting up of young ranking Garou and their packs.

I will start you out with this;

1) You will all be Rank 0 “Cub” to start. You will have all your beginning gifts. For each character I will be meeting and having a personal game session to flesh out your character and have you role play through your Rite of Passage. This way you can get in touch with what your character is actually like before pack mentality sets in and you have a little back story as to why your character is unique and special. (And badass).

2) After your “Tribal” Rite of Passage you become a Rank 1 member of society.

3) You will be told information on where you are meeting your pack after your tribal rite of passage.

Any other questions on this topics feel free to ask!

Garou Society

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